Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sibel: Beware the Fantastic Whistleblower Bill

from Sibel:
In the next few days you'll be reading or hearing about a 'Fantastic Whistleblower Bill' sponsored by Senator Collins (Senate Homeland Security Committee). The senate & some organizations will represent this bill as a solution to whistleblowers. That is not True. Here is why:
1- Intelligence & Law enforcement agencies are all exempt from this bill. Meaning: the so-called protection does Not apply to us.
2- They sneaked in this paragraph to legalize/legitimize retaliation against any government employee who goes to congress (Please see the link below for more information).
3- The bill does not address the broken system: OSC, IG, MSPB...
4- The bill does not address secrecy, gag orders, and various privileges that can be invoked/applied by the executive branch against whistleblowers in courts.
Here is the letter we (together with National Whistleblower Center) sent to Collins before she moved the bill forward; her office went ahead with the bill:
It will help to let the media know about these facts/points.
We will try to fight these issues between now until the conference (Senate Vote). Please let your media contacts know; otherwise, they'll fall for the trap and believe that whistleblowers protection issue has been taken care of.

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