Monday, June 26, 2006

Sibel & Whistleblowers

* if any of you are paid-up DU'ers, there's a forum for Sibel & Whistleblowers here - i'm not a DU regular and don't really understand how it all works, but apparently the forum will be closed in a few days unless there are some new posts there (you have to be paid up). calipendence is one of the hosts over there.


Miguel said...

I have mixed feelings. I think I'm still paid up and could post there. On the other hand, DU's policy towards links to is so counterproductive to buidling a truly effective movement to ending the Iraq war, that up until now I've avoided posting there.

I guess if I've aleady paid up, it doesn't hurt to post.

calipendence said...

Miguel and others...

I think for now, just getting at least nine more people to post there to keep it open. I know it's something that's been neglected recently and hasn't been that useful. And I plead guilty with all of the other stuff that's been going on in not having time to put some effort in making it a useful group there. But I think it's important to have our options open later in the fall when the elections come up for a place to steer people to on DU to get them up to speed on the so very important issues of whistleblowers now.

And yes, the policy is frustrating, and I think we need to get that rectified there, but we need to work on that as a separate issue. We need to get DU to focus more on policing specific ways to prevent racist or other bigoted posts and not lump much good internet content together falsely and censor it in the process as they are doing with

Please go to this thread and add your name to the list.