Monday, June 19, 2006

“Stay and pay.”

* our very own jayt got a FITZ over at FDL. i'm very proud. (he even got a 3 and a 4 in the same post. amazing)

* from the comments in the same post: "Murtha’s reply to “cut and run” was “Stay and pay.”"

* EW:
" And perhaps, one day, we'll discover that the sources that spun Jason Leopold (and, frankly, Chris Matthews) so badly were Rove's own minions, hoping to cover his big-C cooperation with tales of imminent indictment."

* glenn:
"Does anyone doubt on which side of this Iran debate Joe Lieberman will fall? He did not become one of the most vigorous supporters of the Iraq war because he has unique views about Iraq. He supported that war -- and still does -- because he subscribes almost completely to the neoconservative world-view that the Middle East must be re-made and re-created in our image, using as much military force as necessary, in order to rid that region of anti-Israeli and/or anti-U.S. governments and replaced with more compliant ones. "

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Kathleen said...

Now if only Murtha can breathe some fire into Namby Pamby Harry Reid, we might just get somewhere.