Tuesday, June 13, 2006

unsurgency the insurgency

* driftglass has a plan for iraq: "Gotta unsurgency the insurgency."

* and don't miss this SMCD post from Drifty

* jason leopold comes out swinging again - in an article called "Sealed vs Sealed" about a court case that goes by that name which he suspects is the Rove indictment. Marc Ash adds his comments here:
We believe that federal criminal indictment "06 cr 128" (Sealed vs. Sealed) is directly related to the Fitzgerald/Plame investigation. That's based on a single credible source and the information discussed above. We believe that Karl Rove is cooperating with federal investigators, and for that reason Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is not willing to comment on his status. That is based, again, on a single credible source, and background information provided by experts in federal criminal law. We believe that the indictment was returned and filed "on May 10 2006." Same single credible source, and details from the filing records. We believe that if any of the key facts that we have reported were materially false or inaccurate some statement to that effect would be forthcoming from Fitzgerald's staff. That is based on the same single credible source.
Tim Grieve, unconvinced, weighs in here.

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