Saturday, June 03, 2006

Vote fraud and Clermont stickers

from Larisa:
In light of RFK's piece on election fraud and his reference to my
article on the Clermont stickers, I thought I would send this out again.
To date, the FBI has yet to conduct a full investigation of the Clermont
case despite having witness statements, video footage, and the public
record of an official who slipped up and admitted to tampering with
ballots, despite all that, the FBI has done nothing. The people who came
forward - initially a far bigger number - did so despite being
intimidated and harassed while the people they spoke out against are
still in their jobs.

Is it not time yet to demand that the FBI look into the footage captured
via cell phone by one of the poll workers at the very least? Or perhaps
they could take time out to speak to just one person who went on the
record or any number of people who were willing to talk to them off the

So here is my article again, which at the time did not get the attention
it should have. Perhaps now these folks can feel vindicated. Their names
are there if anyone wishes to interview them and/or push their story

Article here

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