Saturday, June 10, 2006

Zarqawi: DEAD!, Bush: RIGHT!, Media: WRONG!

somehow i got on the email list of the creeps from Move America Forward.

Subject: Zarqawi: DEAD!, Bush: RIGHT!, Media: WRONG!
The anti-war contingent of our "mainstream" news media are devastated
this morning, as this successful mission flies in the face of everything
they've been telling you. They've falsely reported that there is NO
connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda, so how can they tell you that the
head of Al Qaeda in Iraq has been killed?


When it comes to the war on terrorism, the media is WRONG, and our
troops and Commander in Chief have been RIGHT. It's time to watch that
great video by the patriotic group, "The Right Brothers," again. You know
the song, it's "Bush Was Right." Come on - go watch it right now:

Pass this email on to everyone you can today and have them watch, and
celebrate with all of us for a job well done by our troops.

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