Wednesday, July 26, 2006

50% think iraq had WMD's

* robinson:
"I felt better when I thought the Decider didn't have a worldview, just a set of instincts about freedom and democracy. But even if you set aside the president's embarrassing open-mike performance at the Group of Eight summit, which is hard to do, events of the past week show that this administration actually thinks it knows what it's doing. Bush and his folks haven't just blundered around and created this dangerous mess, they've done it on purpose. And they intend to make it worse."

* richard cohen:
"If by chance you have the search engine LexisNexis and you punch in the words "Israel'' and "disproportionate,'' you run the risk of blowing up your computer or darkening your entire neighborhood... Israel may be the land of milk and honey but it certainly seems to be the land of disproportionate military response -- and a good thing, too.
The dire consequences of proportionality are so clear that it makes you wonder if it is a fig leaf for anti-Israel sentiment in general. Anyone who knows anything about the Middle East knows that proportionality is madness. For Israel, a small country within reach, as we are finding out, of a missile launched from any enemy's back yard, proportionality is not only inapplicable, it is suicide.
These calls for proportionality rankle. They fall on my ears not as genteel expressions of fairness, some ditsy Marquess of Queensberry idea of war, but as ugly sentiments pregnant with antipathy toward the only state in the Middle East that is a democracy. After the Holocaust, after 1,000 years of mayhem and murder, the only proportionality that counts is zero for zero. If Israel's enemies want that, they can have it in a moment."

* harris:
"Despite being widely reported in the media that the U.S. and other countries have not found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, surprisingly; more U.S. adults (50%) think that Iraq had such weapons when the U.S. invaded Iraq. This is an increase from 36 percent in February 2005... Sixty-four percent say it is true that Saddam Hussein had strong links to Al Qaeda"


Don said...
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Don said...

...ugly sentiments pregnant with antipathy toward the only state in the Middle East that is a democracy.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me there's one more democratic state in the MidEast, coincidentally enough the one that's Israel's bombing the bejeebus out of yet again. Methinks Brother Cohen is disingenously playing the victim card on Israel's behalf.

Shorter version of above: Cohen is being a lying, whining prick.

lukery said...

cohen is, indeed, a WATB.

i'm not sure of the facts - but either israel or lebanon is not a democracy.

democracies don't go to war with each other.