Saturday, July 01, 2006

Air Conditioning the Reason the South Is Conservative

heres a headline from FOX: "Is Air Conditioning the Reason the South Is Conservative?"

i have no context or snark or anything to add.

why fuck with perfection?


Don said...

One southener who is definitely not conservative...

Through a C&L post linking Susan Madrak on DraftGore2008, we have a new Gore interview in Rolling Stone:

RS: Did it [Bush announcing in 2000 he would limit CO2 emissions if he were elected] seem like a smart move, strategically, at that point?

AG: Well, if you define the word "smart" in an antiseptic and clinical way that excludes any ethical dimension, then, yeah, I guess it was smart. Smart, if you're willing to say things that you know are not true. But that's what Karl Rove is known for. Bush's whole pose as a compassionate conservative was fraudulent. His budget was fraudulent. Even the idea that he would be staunchly opposed to nation building was fraudulent. I don't mean that he actually knew at the time of the campaign that he was going to invade Iraq -- because I don't think Cheney had told him yet [laughs]. But the statement on global warming, and the specific pledge to reduce CO2 emissions with the force of law, was part of a larger pattern. He was completely fraudulent from head to toe.

Side thought: Is it just me, or does each successive interview he gives seem just a little louder politically than the last?

Also included, a short but dramatic slideshow on the climate crisis. Click and weep.

rimone said...

yep, and just ignore those in NYC who are forced to use A/C from like mid-may to september.

BTW, my sister and mom fired up their A/C in april this year.

lukery said...

meanwhile, the driest may & june here on record...
(or maybe just one or other?)