Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the aliens havent taken me away

sorry for the light posting.

the aliens havent taken me away (damn!) - i decided to completely rework the sibel interview piece. quite a task given that it is kinda long - but it'll be much better i think. i originally decided to simply run the entire thing in a single piece - but nobody would have read it. So i've completely overhauled it again and added a bit of context hither and tither and broken it into three parts. i think it will be much better (although i've been buried in this for a week now, so it's a bit hard to tell)

I'll try to get the piece out on Tue, but definitely before Wed morning.

In other news, Sibel will be on the radio Tuesday morning at 9am for at least 30 mins.
www.1100KFNX.com / www.CharlesGoyette.com

Apparently this station is mainly in Arizona so the interview will focus on the Dirty Dozen & Kyl.

And if you want another Sibel fix mp3 from Pacifica last week. She starts at min 22.

(oh - and apologies again for the emails and comments i haven't responded to.)

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