Monday, July 17, 2006

all groupthink and no individual analysis.

i never visit the wingnuts. the closest i get is an occasional trip over to JOM. Today I decided to read this post at LGF, and the comments. The NYT published the pic, and are thus treasonous. The following are a sample of some of the comments. Not necessarily representative, nor the most stupid or hateful - just a collection for youse all.

* Sadr city has sewage running down the middle of the streets, which is no doubt where the picture was taken. I've seen pictures of goats and sheep eating garbage in Sadr city. Another fine example of a terrorist's priorities.

* The media-dopes are so afrtaid that these brave men and women of the USA survive teh war and come back and be rational, adult mature, brave, upstanding, brook-no-shit
members of society and candidates for public office. Imo, I really believer that they don't want the coverage of the latest "greatest generation" .

And all the amazing stories and good works tehy have done andwill continue to perform succcessfully against insurrmountable odds will drop into a memory-hole. Never to be written about.

* The relationship between jihadists and western liberals is like that between dope addicts and 'enablers'. 'Enablers' are often loved ones who out of sympathy or perverse pleasure try to soften the way for the addict. The addict takes, the enabler gives. The addict sucks the life out of the enabler, and the enabler cannot rid themselves of their feeling of guilt. Ultimately, both are destroyed.

* At what point do we have to kill (the NYT) so they won't murder our children?

* But they won't print a picture of US troops helping Iraqis, or givign crayons and papter to children.

* Like I said, America, you're going to have to decide whether your nation can survive with traitors like this writing your news, or not. If not, you need to take decisive action. And come to think of it, if the FBI considers defending your country from sedition a crime, then they have lost all legitamacy, and have become agents of tyranny as well.

* But then again one of our Senators who was chosen to run on the top of the Presidential ticket for the Democrats met not once, but twice with the enemy in Paris during the Vietnam War. This man also sat before a Senate "Hearing" testifying that our soldiers were raping babies, killing innocent villagers, and mutilating bodies. Kerry knew he was lying. Kerry went on to serve for over two decades in our Senate.

This, is how our country works.

* I can remember back before when the media was seized by the Leftists, back when the media was actually on our side.

* it never ceases to amaze me how some on the far left actually believe that the media is pro-Israel

* MORAL OF THE STORY: Anything Hezbollah or the Palestinians do is noble and justified. Whatever Israel does (even just existing) is a war crime.

Again, all groupthink and no individual analysis.

* I like a press that is not fettered by chains of allegiance to any party/cause. I do not want a media that is dedicated to propping up the American Way.

That said, this goes beyond allegiance to a party/cause. This goes to--perhaps--the very survival of Western Civilization.

* What answer are you looking for / expecting.
Hezb'Allah lies. Google provides a platform to any anti-Western force. Water is wet.

* The only thing remotely surprising about the above story is that anybody is still surprised. The MSM (or most of it) hardly even bothers to try to conceal its loyalty to the enemy these days. There's going to be a LOT worse to come from them yet. We haven't seen the half of it.

* I believe that the NYT's editors should be executed for treason for the damage that they have done to our counter-terrorism operations for revealing secrets. I loathe the MSM for its PC BS, and I would like to see it changed. For this reason, it deeply saddens me that we attack the justified actions of the MSM and in the process discredit our more important attacks by make ourselves look stupid and intolerant, as we are doing here.

* Anyway, we have such good things to criticize in the MSM. Why not focus on the really treasonous actions of the NYT? Why not talk about the reluctance of the MSM to call terrorists "terrorists"? Why not talk about how the MSM portrays Hezbollah terrorists, Hamas terrorists as victims and Israelis as brutal aggressors?

* NY TImes: Ad agency for Islamists and Other Leftists.
Al Jazeera: Same thing ...

* Photography can be a form of art which enriches the human experience. Here we have an example of someone who neither excels as an artist or photographer - someone who indeed is worse than a coward.

* As Tim Blair has pointed out, reporters today feel more loyalty to "journalism" than to their own government.

Funny how the definition of "journalism" has changed. It shares its definition with propaganda now, and anti-Zionist propaganda at that.


oldschool said...

Things like this make me think of John Dean's new book, which cites studies showing that 23% of the U.S. populace are blind authoritarian-followers.

Sometimes it certainly seems like more - if for no reason other than the sheer volume with which they trumpet their hatred, fear, and bigotry. It makes me deeply sad to know that I share a country with these people; I'm upset at the very knowledge of their existence. It may soon be time to start looking for a nice island where I can sell ice cream from a bicycle-cart on a beach.

But for now, I'm gonna hang my hat on Dean's figure; it gives me some hope.

lukery said...

i know a nice island with lotsa nice beaches.

the thing is they are blind authoritarian-followers AND LOUD. I can't think of anything similar on our side (although it might exist.) They apparently analogise Bush Derangement Syndrome - but BDS is (AFAIC) more about 'help - stop these people, they're dangerous' rather than 'let's kill everyone'

i never read the comments over at Atrios - maybe there's something similar going on there - but i doubt it.

that LGF post was 250 comments of people saying exactly the same thing, over and over. it was quite remarkable. (and i suspect that yuo could read the comments to just about any post over there and read the exact same comments, over and over - it must get mighty boring. or dangerously reinforcing.)

oldschool said...

'Stop these people, they're dangerous'

But how? They are violent - they love violence, they want violence. They won't be reasoned with. There will be no arguments which change minds. Maybe the answer is to trudge out and meet them on their field?

I'm getting this picture of me bashing one on the head, screaming "You must (whack) stop (whack) being so goddamn (whack) violent!!" (whack whack).

Kill 'em with irony, I say.

rimone said...

oldschool: It makes me deeply sad to know that I share a country with these people; I'm upset at the very knowledge of their existence.

same here. i've been wondering if when the political pendulum swings back (if it ever does) that we're gonna need re-education camps. these people are NOT going to go quietly when the rethugs are out of power.

then again, they're cowards so who knows?

lukery said...

perhaps we can explain things to them rationally... "see all this damage you've done. here's what we said 4 years ago. from now on you will be allowed to ask questions and tentatively offer ideas - but if you disagree with us, you have to promise to go back to your assumptions again and again until you agree with us. we know you don't learn very fastly, so you'll be allowed to ask lots of questions, and we'll be patient with our answers. but from now on, no more deciderin.'

rimone said...

perhaps we can explain things to them rationally

damn, i had no idea you were an optimist. :-)

lukery said...

more drollity...