Thursday, July 13, 2006

all roads lead to Damascus

* raw: "Conservative Scarborough:
""Conservative commentators are already trumpeting Novak's claim that the leak was inadvertent and accidental... Maybe I'm cynical or perhaps it's because I worked in Congress for years. But you know what, I always found that leaks of this size were rarely mistakes regardless of what the writer or the right-wing people may tell you. I can assure you that if you assign selfish motives to leakers, you will rarely be proven wrong.""
* Earlier i asked "syria next?" Here's a WINEP freak on Lehrer:
"DAVID MAKOVSKY: Again, you know, you could make the point, you know, Hezbollah is a three-headed monster, that it's getting -- the rockets are coming from Iran, but it's going through Damascus airport. That's the Syrians. And then, from there, it goes to southern Lebanon.
And also, we got to go to all roads leading to Damascus, because they all do lead to Damascus."
* image from John Laesch's blog

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