Friday, July 07, 2006

a blend of Paul Wellstone and Russ Feingold

* xymphora on sy hersh:
"The idea, if you can believe it, is that an attack on Iran would be a good thing as it would provoke Iranian interference in Iraq, which would accelerate the Zionist goal of breaking Iraq up into three parts. They are not even trying to hide their goal any more. The fact that many more American soldiers – not to mention Iraqis – will end up dead is of no matter to the Zionist civilians in the Pentagon."
* don:
"If there's one solid argument against gerrymandering, it's the district maps. Ever look at those things? They look like they were drawn with an etch-a-sketch by an epileptic on acid."
many points for style.

* i got an email from a senate campaign office in RI:
"Carl Sheeler is a marine veteran of the gulf war who has a strong connection with every day Americans – a blend of Paul Wellstone and Russ Feingold. His strong stances on developing alternative energy solutions; funding the NO child left behind (NCLB) federal mandates to alleviate the tax burden on property owners; demanding single payer, national healthcare for all Americans and calling for social and economic equality are what makes his campaign connect with most Americans regardless of party affiliation."
he's trying to take Chaffee's seat - and is pro-impeachment.

* driftglass on joe-nertia


Carl Sheeler For Senate said...

If you really want to feel charged then take a look at our billboard at our site and challenge fellow bloggers to make a difference in RI, where this seat is winnable and can be turned over to support working families' values who are "We the people".

There's a reason our Constitution is in the background of that bill board. Our fore fathers anticipated how power could lead to tyranny.

Thanks for sharing the good word.

Sheeler ... a working US Senator.

lukery said...

good luck carl.