Wednesday, July 12, 2006


* hillary has a challenge in the primaries. Jon Tasini. He's really weird and wants to bring the troops home. he must love osama or something. hopefully sibel can work with him.

* via email:
Thank you so much for your recent support of Bloggers Against Torture.
Torture Awareness Month may be over, but action against torture continues. One of our bloggers, Heathlander, has generously volunteered to go 24 hours without sleep -- blogging continuously the whole time -- to raise money for Amnesty International USA. It's all part of Blogathon 2006 , which will be held across the globe on 29th July.

Would you like to help us out? Here's some things that you can do:

- Join Heathlander and stay up with him for 24 hours of continuous blogging!

If you'd like to help Heathlander stay awake and write posts, leave a message here:

We're eager to get a small team together to share the load. If you join up, we'll send you keys to the central blog, and the opportunity to use your blogging skills for a good cause.

- Sponsor us in the Blogathon

I know it's unseemly to ask for money, so I've put $500 down to get things started. If you can spare it, even just a few dollars, it will work towards fighting for this serious issue. Every bit counts, and generous donor blogs will be acknowledged.

- Let your readers know about our Blogathon

I struggle to blog about torture. My brain nearly went beserker when Sibel told me that 'we' were torturing 3 year olds.


Anonymous said...

Hey check out this site Looks all around informative.

Don said...

OTOH, if you prefer your politics discussions without disinformation and Bushite spin pieces, don't bother.

Humorous side note, via C&L, from The Onion back in February, 80% of Al-Qaeda No. 2s Are Now Dead...

Kathleen said...

Three year olds? Geeze. That's why the picture of that little Iraqi girl was so haunting.

Have we gone completely bloodthirsty crazy?

Time to do that one percent theory back on them. Time to call the guys in the white coats. Let's put them on the next manned shot to the Moon and leave them there with some expired MRE'scourtesy of Halliburton.

lukery said...

in front of the kids parents. intentionally. as part of some virtually official policy. in prisons.