Saturday, July 08, 2006

bush and cheney will never leave office.

* beeb:
"An Italian judge has ruled that former PM Silvio Berlusconi should stand trial over alleged fraud concerning his family's media company Mediaset."
bush and cheney will never leave office.

* emptywheel on leopold & waas.

* shorter coulter: water runs uphill

* Atlantic:
"The speaker in question was Sir Richard Dearlove. He is famous as a former director of MI6, Britain’s secret intelligence service... Without ramming home the point, at four or five instances he suggested that just about everything in the American approach to the war on Islamic terrorism had been ill-conceived."
accident or design?

* madsen:
"In Addington, CIA Leakgate Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has likely met his match. Addington never liked independent counsels let alone special prosecutors. The mere fact that Fitzgerald was threatening the unitary executive would have prompted Addington to pull out all the stops. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Addington likely interfered in the Fitzgerald Grand Jury process. The word in Washington is that Fitzgerald was told an indictment of Rove would go no where since Bush plans to place Libby's name on the next Christmas pardon list. Libby was indicted for lying to a Grand Jury. With a pardon of Libby, Fitzgerald would have been hard pressed to bring a case against Rove or Addington's alter ego, Cheney. Chicago's crime fighting Eliot Ness met his match in native Washingtonian J. Edgar Hoover. In Washington's Addington, Chicago's Fitzgerald has witnessed history repeating itself."
(thnx kath)

* pollyusa has the highlights of the latest libby filing.

* meanwhile, there's an interesting libby pardon thread over at jeralyn's


rimone said...

bush and cheney will never leave office.

this has been one of my biggest fears for about a year or so. what did john mc cain say a few months back? something about writing in 'president bush's name...'? that sickened me.

then there's things like this which keep me up nights.

am i paranoid? you betcha...the more we find out, the more it's obvious that /they don't give a flying fuck/ about ANYthing. |-(

lukery said...

the repeal of the 22nd amendment is a concern. the repeal of the constitution is a particular concern (although they probably amount to the same)

Don said...

Creepier thought: repeal the 22nd and run him in the primaries against someone even more odious... or run him as a stalking horse to slip another, more desirable (read: less immediately detestable) candidate through under the radar.

Y'know, there are times when I really wonder if we come up with more twisted scenarios than the eventually uses... creepy...

lukery said...

and then there's the Twenty-fifth Amendment

let's hope that one is used wisely

calipendence said...

Sounds like Pat Fitzgerald just got hired as Northwestern's football coach to replace Coach Walker that just recently died of a heart attack (hmm... we've been having a lot of those lately haven't we? Apparently Colin Powell also had some health problems in Aspen where Lay died). Someone should ask him if he felt he was sufficiently done with these cases to allow him to go into coaching now! :) (I know, I know... Two different Fitz's, but someone's got to ask that question!)

rimone said...

i'm w/Teresa Nielson-Hayden: ‘I deeply resent the way this administration makes me feel like a nutbar conspiracy theorist.’ |-(

lukery said...

you're *always* with her.

rimone said...

not really but i haven't yet been able to sum it up saner or better.

nyah. :-b