Monday, July 17, 2006

Bush, blood on his hands

LeeB sent me through some pix of the pre-invasion 'focus groups' in seattle. i'll post them over the next few days.

if the 'correct' people listened that day THE WORLD WOULDNT HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF!


romunov said...

The sign should read: "Mr. Bush, if you can read this, your hands are bloody."

Anonymous said...

Please, humans, can't we rise above petty hatred, and just kill each other off with dignity.

Miguel said...

Just wanted to say I have a sister-in-law trapped in Lebanon. She and her husband are in a safe place, but for the longer term we are worried. And this should remind us that most of the people suffering in this conflict have nothing whatsoever to do with Hizbollah.

lukery said...

miguel. sorry to hear. godspeed to them, and everyone else.

romunov - i think we could save some paint and just leave it as "Mr. Bush, if you can read this..."

anon - practise makes perfect

rimone said...

Miguel, best of luck to your relatives.

i look at those photos w/a bitterness i didn't think i was capable of, and actually long for those days. :-(

thanks, Lee B, for the photos.