Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bush understands we're in a War on Terror

* brad continues his sterling work into evoting - and is chugging away keeping the bilbray/busby election front & center. meanwhile, amy had a good piece yesterday on hackable machines.

* Newsflash: President Bush understands that we are in a War on Terror.

* demnow:
"BARBARA OLSHANSKY: And what this decision says in very sort of calm, rational, historical terms is that the entire structure of the war on terror is unlawful, that it was based on a premise, an idea of an enemy combatant, which is a status that was created by the President, that it was intended to take place on an island that was outside the law somehow, and that the President could create all of the laws that applied there, like it was his own constructed universe.

And what this decision does in a very rational way is say you can't do that. No piece of what you have done is lawful. And it’s quite an astounding decision for that reason. It really goes to, as you said, every part of the war on terror."
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oldschool said...

Saw a bumper sticker yesterday - well, a window sticker actually, on a pickup truck. it said "Kick their Ass and Take Their Gas!"

Just a snapshot of the little slice of heaven that is the town where I'm living.

An "Impeach Bush" T-shirt would certainly be a conversation starter now wouldn't it?

lukery said...

"Kick their Ass and Take Their Gas!"
i'm not sure if that's an indicator of the zeitgeist or evidence that rednecks can rhyme (monosyllabically)

LeeB said...

From June 24, 2006:

"In the wake of three suicides at Guantanamo, Barbara Olshansky, the lead lawyer for the remaining prisoners, offers an inside look at the Bush administration's detention policy."

She was a guest on Ring of Fire (Air America Radio) last Saturday. An MP3 of the entire show is here.