Saturday, July 08, 2006

the chutzpah of Ralph Reed

* calipendence said...

Brad Friedman reports that a recount (er "count") request has been filed with the ROV here in San Diego for a hand count of the 50th district votes. It'll be interesting the next few weeks to see what happens. Hope Haas gets his ass sued for that money, especially if it turns out Busby won instead.

* AP has an odd piece up as breaking news:
"The name of San Diego defense contractor Brent Wilkes has surfaced in several ongoing ethics probes. Among them: (DeLay, Lewis/Lowery, Doolittle, Dusty Foggo)"
what's up with that?

* keillor on ralph reed:
"A true party loyalist would withdraw from the Republican primary for lieutenant governor of Georgia and say, "I will not allow this mess to distract people from the good work of my party." But Mr. Reed is no quitter.
The sexual trespass of a president is a story any mortal can understand, and the use of your father's influence to sneak you into a military unit where you're less likely to face combat is an act of cowardice all of us cowards can appreciate. But the chutzpah of Mr. Reed in wheedling money from Abramoff to snooker Christians against gambling is cold-hearted greed. And his work on behalf of the sweatshops and sex factories of the Marianas, arguing that the Chinese women imported there were being given the chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, takes us to yet an entirely new level."


calipendence said...


Here's another more "extensive" AP article today on the Cunningham/Wilkes mess that provides more details.

Note in this article:

1) Wilkes confirms that he was "co-conspirator No.1" in Cunningham's plea agreement and that Mitch Wade was the second co-conspirator.

2) Wilkes was "suspicious" in circumventing rules to reimburse his employees for donating to "a San Diego mayoral candidate" in 2000. Now that probably is one of two people. If it was Dick Murphy, of course, that doesn't mean much, as Murphy's now political history, and this wouldn't affect Sanders. But if it is was Ron Roberts, and Roberts was soliciting this sort of donation, that could be very interesting. Ron Roberts just won election to the Board of Supervisors here in June in what many of us here consider a "suspicious" election too. I think if I help with the Busby/Bilbray hand count, I'm going to also keep a tally of who voted for Roberts and who voted for Barrera to see if it looks statistically out of sync with official results. It would be lovely to have Roberts get indicted and his seat up for grabs then. Hopefully Barrera could take advantage of it and break the decade long lock on the board of supervisors that the Republicans have had, which probably has affected this mess here in 50th district election as much as anything.

3) Also mentioned is a strategy of Wilkes "targeting" Duncan Hunter for lobbying efforts and earmarks by Mr. Hunter, which, Luke, you and I have talked about in emails on potential issues with Hunter in this mess too. Could get interesting.

4) Even some stuff tying Ahnuld into the Wilkes set of financial targets too.

lukery said...

cheers calipendence.

it was Ron Roberts - i saw it elsewhere

i'd love to see hunter go down.

if i'm not mistaken wilkes worked on ahnuld's campaign, and was appointed to a position or two by arnie. specifically the race course, and pershaps another

calipendence said...

Hmm... Just hope that Foggo really is singing like a canary like earlier reports indicated and that Wilkes' activities are WAY out in the open then to bring down all of these other *'ers!!

lukery said...

mmmm - imagine the stories that he could tell!