Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dana Priest bitchslapping Bill Bennett

* swanson:
"Thank Congressmen Ron Paul and Walter Jones for Speaking Truth: "Watch this video and see two Republican Congress Members, Ron Paul and Walter Jones, provide a stunningly honest critique of the war, and demand an end to it. Rep. Jones stresses the importance of the White House Memo that AfterDowningStreet promoted. Watch the video."

* tpmm:
"The more facts that come out, the more it looks like the Doolittles are going to have to fight felony charges."

* c&l has the video of Dana Priest bitchslapping Bill Bennett on MTP.

* rimone has a snip from Suskind's book about Preznit Blinky gettin in fights at Harvard.

* EW on Waas:
"If Bush was asked these kinds of questions (and I'm admittedly extrapolating from a report of a report of Bush's testimony), then it suggests Fitzgerald is working on the same pet theory I am--that Dick Cheney ordered Libby to leak Plame's identity. And Bush apparently dissociated himself from that leaking."

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