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Dave Gaubatz

* via simon is this interview with Dave Gaubatz. He is the guy feeding Weldon and Hoekstra the story about WMD's in Iraq:
You state on your website that Representative Weldon said he would not pass on the intelligence because he did not want other agencies getting credit for finding WMDs in Iraq. Isn't this a crime?

I have requested a Congressional hearing on the entire matter. I do not know if his actions were criminal, but they were not being done for the best interest of the security of America. Congressman Weldon appeared to be very genuine in wanting to have the suspected sites searched; he just wanted to have it done without the assistance of other committee members, the DOD, NRO, or CIA. Specifically he did not want to get any Democratic member involved. Congressman Weldon is a politician and he made some of the following statements directly to me, which I felt very uncomfortable with. During our meeting on 16 Mar 2006, Congressman Weldon said he did not trust the military or NRO. He had also mentioned this during our meeting when Congressman Hoekstra was present. Congressman Hoekstra did not like the comment he made about the military, but never made any objections of keeping the intelligence from DOD or other committee members. Our trip was going to be a personal political venture during Memorial Day 2006. The two Congressmen, three Iraqi citizens, and I were going to Ali Air Base, Nasiriyah, Iraq for a troop visit. Once on the ground in Nasiriyah the Congressmen were going to inform the DOD Commanders at Ali Air Base to transport heavy equipment to the four sites I had identified. Congressman Weldon and Congressman Hoekstra asked me several times if I would lead them to the sites and if I could assure them heavy equipment would be at Ali Air Base.

And as a follow-up, since this statement by Rep. Weldon isn't even rational, have either Congressman's offices given you any rational explanation to why they appear unwilling to pursue this matter? If you have responses that you can quote verbatim it would be appreciated, since there may be much to read between the lines.

To the American public Congressman Weldon's statements would not seem rational, but to politicians (as I have found out) every issue they are involved in is political and behind closed doors things are said that are seldom mentioned in the public. Congressmen Weldon and Hoekstra knew their finding WMD would assure them wins in the upcoming elections and would boost the Administrations chances of victory. I just wanted the sites searched. Verbatim, Congressmen Weldon said he does not trust military personnel and he wanted Congressman Hoekstra and himself to get the credit for finding WMD. Congressman Weldon (verbatim) said he does not trust the NRO and will take the intelligence data I provided and get it analyzed by friends he has in private corporations (satellite imaging company). This happened about in late Mar 2006. Also on 16 Mar 2006 when I had met Congressman Weldon he had asked me to send him all the facts about the WMD sites and information I had on Iranian and Russian intelligence operating in Iraq. I was provided the private address of one of his staff members and told to send the intelligence to this address instead of having to go through mail channels at the congressional building (the FedEx receipt is now on my website). Verbatim, Congressman Weldon stated in our 4 May 2006 meeting (with Congressman Hoekstra present) that we would all travel to Iraq on commercial aircraft without informing DOD personnel prior to our trip.
On 14 and 15 June 2006 when I met with the CIA and DIA Agents I asked them specifically what intelligence they had been provided from Congressman Weldon. They only had a few pages related to the WMD sites only. They did not have the Russian and Syrian intelligence and they did not have the information the private corporation had obtained. I provided them my complete 15 plus page report and additional intelligence Congressman Weldon had not shared. Also as I discussed earlier they did not have my intelligence reports from 2003.
The Russians had been involved in Iraq pertaining to assisting the Iraqis move/hide/remove WMD from different locations (per several Iraqi sources). The Iranians (Shiite) were coming into southern Iraq by the thousands. They were forming in the Suk Ash Shuyakh area (about 15 - 20 miles from Nasiriyah). Their intentions were to cause conflict between the Sunni and Shiites in Iraq. A civil war in Iraq would benefit the Iranian Government. The Iranians want to be able to have more influence in Iraq. Thus far their plan is working.


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Gaubatz story "For Diehards, Search for Saddam Hussein's Unconventional Weapons Isn't Over" published in NYT same day as "BANK DATA SIFTED IN SECRET BY U.S. TO BLOCK TERROR".

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(Bringing this up the page.)

simon - that interview is very weird.

what do you make of the story? you think it's a setup?

Well obviously I don't know for sure, but it certainly reads as if it is preparing the ground for one. The bunkers (?) are located where stuff would have been stored during the Iran/Iraq war but if the reports of 500 munitions being found already are correct there isn't much left that is unaccounted for, being as UNMOVIC only had questions about 550 CW shells. Aerial bombs would be bunkered near an air-base, but I kind of suspect these were used up (and never admitted to) at Halabja. I can account for anything Scud related, so there is not much left in terms of real weapons to find.

Yep, it certainly smells fishy. The bunkers are supposedly flooded. Perhaps that's all that's there. Dead fish.