Sunday, July 30, 2006

david broder:
"The people backing Lamont are nothing if not sincere. But their breed of Democrats -- many of them wealthy, educated, extremely liberal -- often pick candidates who are rejected by the broader public. Many of the older Lamont supporters went straight from Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern in the 1960s and '70s to Howard Dean in 2004. They helped Joe Duffey challenge Sen. Tom Dodd in Connecticut for the 1970 Democratic nomination on the Vietnam War issue, only to lose to Republican Lowell Weicker in November. Lamont's campaign manager, Tom Swan, is also director of Connecticut Citizen Action Group, a populist organization founded in the 1970s by Toby Moffett, a Ralph Nader protege and anti-Vietnam activist who was one of the "Watergate babies" elected to the House in 1974. Moffett's political career also was ended by a loss to Weicker, who stayed in the Senate until Lieberman finally beat him in 1988."
i suspect that one of my readers in particular will find that amusing. they can out themselves in the comments if they wish.

* digby:
"This is a deep and festering illness within political circles for which the only cure is to plug your ears and stop listening to the geezers. As far as David Broder and his ilk are concerned, nothing consequential has happened in the Democratic party in 38 years. "
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noise said...

So Broder thinks Lamont is an "Elitist insurgent." Wow. Nice phrase there. Why not go all the way and call him a wealthy funder of groups that hate America.

Gotta get through the BS to see what is really going on. IMO, it is that the Estabishment Dems are so fucking out of touch that they don't understand why support for Bush's Iraq policy and his WoT policy in general should cost any Dem an election.

Talk about elitist.

lukery said...

Noise - it's just outrageous. i'm not sure that they are 'out of touch' - but rather they are part of the same criminal conspiracy.

the concept of 'elections' is actually foreign to them