Friday, July 07, 2006

DeLay to stay on the sugarland ballot

* preznit blinky likes being with evil doers. video.

* it looks like DeLay will have to stay on the sugarland ballot. tis a beautiful thing.

* laura:
"Sismi under Pollari has become something like a criminal enterprise... Amazing to see the actual alleged extent of the Sismi disinformation and interception operation, details which are now apparently in the hands of Milan prosecutors. Amazing and distracting as those details are, the larger potential implication of this arrangement is important and shouldn't be lost: the official cover story for the Italian government -- one put forward by Sismi, the Berlusconi government and seemingly accepted by the Italian parliamentary services oversight committee -- that the Niger forgeries middleman, ex Sismi agent Rocco Martino, was under the control and run by the French at the time of the forgeries caper, was first promoted by a "journalist" -- Renato Farina -- who the Milan magistrates now have wiretap evidence agreed to help Sismi put out disinformation on the Abu Omar case. The extent of Farina's alleged disinformation operations for Sismi is a matter now under investigation."
(she has more)

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