Monday, July 17, 2006

even six or seven friedmans from now

*comin down with driftglass (again, yay!). partone:
"Once again we are shown the true, monstrous face behind the oily, huckster ideology of Enron, and how it has become the central organizing principle of the criminal junta that now runs the GOP. The core-lie that in the great by-and-by the ROI on today’s losses will be so fucking awesome that America-hating Liberals need to shut the fuck up about the bloodshed, wreckage, corruption and incompetence in which we are in-up-to-our-noses drowning today...

...and in which we will be drowning tomorrow.

...and a full friedman from now.

...and even six or seven friedmans from now.

Really, until about 11 minutes before the Rapture things are gonna be pretty awful, but then look out!

* part 2:
"Of course the Conservative Final Solution to the reality Problems is – as always -- to double down the wager with the rent money and double-up the Koolaid.
Someone needs to tell Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol that the GOP actually won and now has to actually govern. That the irresponsible-bombthrowing-outsider skills that won them power now sound absolutely de-ranged as they continue to scream that the government is not nearly trigger-happy enough.
The Newt WWIII calculus is this; there are many wars and nutty people in many countries. Korea = the Canadian nuts = the New York loonies (who were Christians) = the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand = Rasputin = Guy Fawks = Attila the Hun = the Boston Strangler = Steve Bartman = Slim Shady = Fat Bastard = Paper Lace =
Of course, Timmy is never, ever gonna call a Conservative a bad name no matter how vigorously that Conservative just rubs his ass in Timmy’s face and chortles. Still,
to his credit, Punkin’ Haid had the good taste to look utterly baffled. There was even some beetling of his mighty brow. Rather like the expression on a not-very-bright dog’s face should you were to throw a snowball into a snowbank and say “Fetch!”"

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