Friday, July 14, 2006

fam’bly values

* fp:
"I've just returned from a lunch with the Israeli ambassador to the United States, hosted by the Israel Project, which reinforced just how quickly this situation could escalate into an all out war in the Middle East. The ambassador was introduced by Congressman Brad Sherman (D), who set the tone by declaring that the only way you could think Israel's actions were disproportionate were if you thought they "should be doing more.""
* hows this for a wapo A1 headline: "Beyond the Poll Numbers, Voter Doubts About Clinton"
'parently clinton must be like george bush and refuses to listen to the polls. she's the decideratoress.

* rimone has the sordid oops, naughty details of the latest fcc crackdown:
"in their neverending battle to protect our moral values or whatever, this childish decree comes down from on high: FCC Combing Air Tapes for Dirty Words: ‘In its continuing crackdown on on-air profanity, the FCC has requested numerous tapes from broadcasters that might include vulgar remarks from unruly spectators, coaches and athletes at live sporting events, industry sources said…’
note to the FCC and its puritanical ilk — don’t watch TV in the UK, EVer. and forget about that ‘profanity OK only after 9PM’ shit and turn on your TV before then — there’s a very good chance you’ll be in for the shock of your lives when your fam’bly values-based morality plummets and y’all find yourselves feeling funny down there and forced to run wild through British streets when the stray ’shit’ or ‘fuck’ or bare breast pierces your veil of tender sensibility. on a more personal note, it’s a sad situation when i, of all people, come off as being more mature than the powers that be, but hey."
lemme tell a brief story. i was watching the beeb a month ago when those evil poor terrorists citizens got shot by the police in their own home for terroristing sleeping and the showed the press conference they had after they were shot freed. and the beeb said 'there's a language warning on this story' and the guy went on to explain how after he'd been shot restrained in his own house at 4am after burtin into his house and the police were screaming "get down on the fucking floor and STFU, get down on the fucking floor and STFU."

I haven't heard whether or not baby jeebus is dead yet.

(btw - i loved 'fam’bly')


rimone said...

the thing w/the BBC (and the other 13 channels i get here) is that THEY ALL WARN YOU BEFOREHAND. why this would be a problem in the states is beyond me. i mean, there's ample time to switch the damn thing off.

we're like a nation of overprotected children, apart from the tacit approval of guns and po-leece all over.

i almost fainted when i saw that NYT headline, using 'dirty words' instead of the more appropriate 'profanity.'

and yes, it's beyond sad that these fucking jokers have, in comparison, made me into this mature person (thankfully watching, in horror, from afar).

Superteemu said...

You can't watch TV5 (sort of "BBC World" of France) for full hour without seeing a pair (or often several) of bare breasts.

One afternoon I was channel-surfing and told the above to a friend sitting next to me. There was newscast on on TV5, so I said "oh, maybe not now". Two seconds and BAM, a report of famous french photographer, with several completely naked models (or photos of them) being on camera for full two minutes.

No wonder they've lost their moral spine and fail to support the righterous wars of righterous people.

lukery said...

rimone - i cant believe they are searching for supporter - background noise - that's just FUCKED UP

*SUPER* teemu! Congrats on your Blogger account! You'll probably hate blogger - (although i dint find it TOOO bad))

i think this will tell you all you need to know about french boobies on tv -

rimone said...

i cant believe they are searching for supporter - background noise - that's just FUCKED UP

in amerika, it's ALWAYS time to line the pockets of the powerful. remember, 'the business of amerika is business...'

one of the first things i saw at Frankfurt airport after my first trip out of the states were these huge adverts w/tits and asses and a lot of bare skin. i'm practically delirious w/joy thinking OMG, i'm finally in a sane place. :-)

lukery said...

surely they dont wanna find new ways to punish the good media companies. maybe this is the only thing left that they can hold to their head

Don said...

The morality po-leece would have a fuckin' aneurism with some of the stuff on the Quebec channels... hmmm... maybe I should put a tape together to send them...

lukery said...

don - i'm not sure if they watch as an excuse to get some low-level porn, or an excuse to be shocked.

either way, i suspect that they'll appreciate.

rimone said...

Superteemu: No wonder they've lost their moral spine and fail to support the righterous wars of righterous people.

i just read this again--HILARIOUS!

ps, i don't understand why it's not apparent to our nanny overlords that countries w/tits and ass on TV do NOT have huge rape statistics. then again, i'm confused. what do they think would happen if they showed this kinda stuff in the States? has anyone ever asked them?

wait...just saw some bare butt on TV and now i'm off to find a cute, young dude, lol.

lukery said...

mmmmm - breakfast :-)

rimone said...

LMAO! but i'd really like an answer (not from you or people here necessarily; preferably from the powers that be). what in the FUCKING FUCK do they think will happen? and cause people almost everywhere else in the world show bare skin on TV, is that one of the reasons those in the States think they're morally superior to everyone else? cause we're repressed and supposed to think sex is dirty? WTF?

i don't get it.

lukery said...

the americans might have a lot of rape, but they've also got themselves bucket-loads of fam’bly values


damien said...

Rimone:"i'd really like an answer (not from you or people here necessarily; preferably from the powers that be)"

The people here ARE the power that be.

lukery said...

D: "The people here ARE the power that be."

oops - i'd better tone down the 'fight the power' rhetoric