Saturday, July 22, 2006

has the administration won over a single person?

* question: ok - we've seen many, many people finally see the light and jump from "bush is great" to "i'm really sorry i ever thought that - my excuses are xyz - and i really hate smokers since i gave up that filthy habit." Are there many (any?) who've actually moved the other way? i.e is there a frame of reference through which some (any?) people could possibly have learned to like the egadministration despite original antipathy?

for sake of argument, let's take our starting point as February 2003.

normally in politics you see some churn at the margin - but as far as i can tell, the only churn we ever see is people wavering at the edge who were originally fans of the murderers who might get disenchanted for a bit, but then get caught up in the BUSH BOUNCE hoopla every now and again. But my thesis is that this crew probably hasn't won over a single person in three years. That's really quite remarkable - and I presume, unprecedented.

It's conceivable that there were some christopaths who were anti-war but whose hearts glow at the thought of snow-flake children, for example.

and granted, this was this moment of horror:

and granted, people hate the egadministration for a whole bunch of different reasons, including that they dont hate gays enough such as richard de viguerie, and others who hate him because he isnt sufficiently war-mongerish, and other such nonsense - but has the administration won over a single person?


Kathy said...

One of my favorite Michael Bérubé posts from way back in 2004 has lots of reasons why maybe some of those republicans were liking the bush presidency:

lukery said...

thnx kathy.

i hadnt seen that one before. nice post.