Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hoekstra and Al Qaeda

* from teemu (in finland):
"Mr. Rove is from our neighboring Norway, and the norwegian/swedish word ”rov” (his original name, I presume) means pillage/loot/plunder/robbery, both the act and the resulting goods. It’s hilarious how accurate the term ”Rovian tactics” is, especially re: elections.
* josh:
"Following up on the Chairman Hoekstra quote below apparently he's now actually accusing members of the US intel community of working with and/or for al Qaida, just as his quote below suggests. I hear there's a big article on this about to pop. So I guess we'll be hearing more very soon."
* according to Laura, Ackerman is working in the Hoekstra story which is being 'much anticipated'

* apparently some people are still having trouble with the site - i've pushed the Sibel interview off the front page. Go here for Part One

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