Wednesday, July 19, 2006

humans, but not the media, were scared

* gilliard at fdl:
"I think that’s dawning on the IDF commanders, that their force has limits, they’ve made their points, and every dead child seen on TV enhances their enemies. It may not be reflected in New York, but the EU looks aghast at this, and it doesn’t help Israel’s long term security "
* read hentoff in the washtimes re yoo and addington et al (if only to ask yourself why the hell hentoff is allowed to publish this comsymp rubbish in the washtimes)

* huffpo:
"Russia's big and so is China??????? This guys sounds like a third grader. Do you know anyone who would have a conversation like this with their neighbor, let alone a business associate, let alone a world leader? Who's proud to know that Russia is big and so is China?
This would all be unfortunate if George was your dentist, or worse yet, your accountant. But he is the leader of the free world. This man makes life or death decisions every day. If you say you're not scared about that, you're lying.
Unfortunately, right now we are in the position of being pitied by the rest of the world. We have third grader for a President. And worse yet, the Vice President has him convinced he is the second coming of Winston Churchill. Scared yet?"
they really were an extraordinary 30 seconds of television. for about 8 separate reasons. juan cole was scared. english majors were scared (irony?). geography majors were scared. Miss Manners was scared. Bakers were scared. anglophiles were scared. humans were scared. fish were scared. did i miss anyone? (i should say 'humans, but not the media, were scared')


Don said...

Yeah, he's only got 2-1/2 years left but anyone wanna put a bet on how long before George develops a hearing problem and has to wear a 'hearing aid'?

lukery said...

'only' is a four letter word

lukery said...

(btw - do you get up early or go to bed late?)