Monday, July 31, 2006

i still love you all

* haaretz:
"The Europeans, the ambassadors the United Nations, the leaders of Arab states, all those who saw in Rice a stabilizing factor, calculated and reasonable in the Bush administration, are reevaluating their stance toward her."

* simbaud has an interview with gore vidal. go read.

* lind via wolcott:
""Operationally, Hezbollah's rocket attacks on Israel are the matador's cape. That too is working. What of the strategic level? The Arab street is cheering for Hezbollah, often across the Sunni-Shi'ite divide, while the governments of states such as Egypt hide under the bed. The goal of Islamic fourth generation forces is the destruction of most, if not all, Arab state governments, so Hezbollah is winning strategically as well. One can almost watch the legitimacy drain away from the region's decrepit states, with incalculable consequences for American interests.""
* both sibel (Tice) and glenn were on Pacifica's The Monitor. download here (sibel starts at the 20 min mark.) Tice's hearing has been postponed.

* wow - i think i've had fewer posts today than i've had in ages. yes - i still love you all - but have been busy on a bunch of other stuff. forgive me?

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Tate said...

Would like to read more about your speculation on what the secret NSA program spying on US citizens is that Tice has been testifying in secret session to Congress.

The delay in hearing the rest of Tice's testimony along with Sibyl's article on the Whistleblowers site is something to be concerned about.

Please sign the petition on Sibyl's site to stop the gag order so that we can learn the truth about 911.