Tuesday, July 04, 2006

i'm not scared of terrorism

* this via miguel:
"U. S. Supreme Court Starts a Brush-fire of Grassroots Activism through a National Speak-Up Campaign"
(these are whistleblower groups getting together, incl Sibel's nswbc.org)

* scott has stickers - for example:

you can buy them.


oldschool said...

Scott has Stickers

Damn - I gotta get a bigger car.

Miguel said...

I got this one for a bumpsticker (Scott, you're free to use my ideas):

"W Stands for Wimpy, Weasly War Wanker"

Okay, so it's not so great...look I'm just a blogger- not one of those touchy feely bumper sticker writers!

lukery said...

Oldschool - the stickers arent THAT big