Wednesday, July 05, 2006

impeachment thing is going local

* the impeachment thing is going local:
The meeting was moderated by Bill Davis, a playwright and former Green Party challenger to U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-5th). Davis noted that impeachment resolutions have been introduced across the nation.

“This is happening all over the country. Clearly, it's is not going to happen through Congress so this grassroots endeavor seems to be happening across the country, town by town, city by city,” Davis said.
* jiminycricket:
" The options still left for Congress to stop the expansion of executive power grabs is narrowing...

Kagro X lays out a good arguement why impeachment may the last real shot to uphold our Constitution and why the "power of the purse" tactic will not work."
bottom line from KagroX: Bush can 'signing statement' his way outta anything.
* in case lieberman wins the primary, the Greens candidate in CT also has a petition to get on the ballot

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