Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel executes her "Clean Break"

* ariana:
"When asked when he thought the Iraqis would be ready to meet the security needs that would allow for the reduction of U.S. forces, Rumsfeld said, "I don't talk deadlines" -- a snappy rejoinder we can add to the list of other Rummy don'ts: "I don't do numbers." "I don't do predictions." "I don't do diplomacy." "I don't do foreign policy." "I don't do quagmires."

Too bad for the rest of us that Rummy also doesn't do resignations.

He's a perfect fit with his boss, who doesn't do funerals.

Their oblivious response to the tragedy they have wrought in Iraq marks them as the polar opposites of the kid in The Sixth Sense. They don't see dead people. Anywhere."

* Journal Inquirer:
"Executives at ChoicePoint Inc. - which bought the company whose list Florida officials used to prevent thousands from voting in the 2000 presidential election - were among the biggest contributors to U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's re-election campaign from January to March, records show.
The FEC records reveal that similar but smaller "bundles" of campaign cash were delivered to Lieberman, a member of Senate's Armed Forces Committee, by groups of contributors associated with defense contractors, including General Dynamics Corp. and its Groton-based subsidiary, Electric Boat, and by Northrop Grumman, whose Norden Systems division is based in Groton. They show that 41 individuals who listed General Dynamics or Electric Boat as their employer gave the senator a total of $13,050, while 11 employed by Northrop Grumman gave a total of $3,500."
* kwaitowski:
"(Israel) has wanted a generous parent on the Security Council, to provide warmth and aid, validation and protection, a sympathetic ear and a devoted advocacy. Perhaps, as Israel executes her "Clean Break," America – led by the next Congress of the United States – can finally begin to truly celebrate Israel’s independence, and like tired parents, reorganize our own lives and objectives and dreams accordingly."
* coleen rowley joins in at FDL with jane and howie.

* wolcott:
"In the meantime, as civilians are being slaughtered on both sides, perhaps the president might make an effort not to see quite so blase, detached, and in-character. I understand his exercise regimen is sacred and not to be tampered with, but it looks a trifle cavalier to see him shooting by on his bicycle in St. Petersburg waving at the camera as he passes (followed by a heavy security contingent) interspersed between the news ootage of Beirut going up in flames and Israelis in northern cities mourning their lost loved ones. No doubt exercise helps clear his brain, but if it were any clearer, it'd be a patch of blue sky. He needs to unclear his brain, and let a little reality intrude, and wipe that barbecue grin off his face."
* preznit blinky speaks: "... Iraq, where there's a free press and free religion,"

* rudepundit:
"So, while the good, dogged Ron Brynaert of Raw Story will no doubt keep up the hunt (and the Rude Pundit will still spot check), we can be briefly, smugly satisfied that for a few days, Ann Coulter shit cannonballs wondering if she was gonna have to go to a less exclusive salon for her blonde dye job and Nazi-symbol bikini wax."

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