Thursday, July 13, 2006

John Dean: It isnt fascism, yet

* our good friend simon has his new blog JUDITH MILLER AND DR DAVID KELLY AND THE MISSING IRAQI WMD up and running. he's even got his first comment! woohoo. as an 'aside', it was from emptywheel. how's that for losing your bloggy virginity? He replies here

* Preznit Blinky is apparently (really) writing hisself a book. rimone has a draft.

*driftglass has the video of john dean on olbermann. (also c&l) (rough quotes)
olbermann: john dean - you've seen it all. what kind of danger are we in. are we facing a serious threat to the concept of democracy in this country?
John Dean: It isnt fascism, yet - but we are so close to it, keith


Supreme Court Rejects Bush Dictatorship - And So Do We!

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld that Congress never authorized the Bush Administration to ignore existing laws and treaties in pursuing those responsible for the 9-11 attacks. That means Bush's defiance of those laws and treaties is illegal, so he and his top officials could be charged with war crimes - and impeached.

Let's tell our Representatives once again to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney:

Despite opposition from Beltway insiders, the grassroots impeachment movement continues to grow, with Fairfax (CA) becoming the latest town to join the impeachment bandwagon.

Our past efforts to purchase polls (thanks to your generous contributions) and to pressure companies include impeachment questions in their regular polls (thanks to your persistent pressure) have been successful:

But the polling companies believe they can poll once and then return to ignoring the issue. Let's tell them they're wrong:


rimone said...

*preening* what scares me, is the idiocy seems to write itself and nobody on the right notices.

i mean, c'mon! he's writing a book? total bullshit! apart from the historic '7 frozen moments w/the pet goat') i think we've seen him once w/a book under his arm (he was dressed as Truman Capote) and that shit didn't last long...he was supposedly reading a book about the history of salt as well (like i believed he actually read 2 consecutive pages before passing out).

lukery said...

remember when he had that book under his arm, but he'd apparently already said that he'd finished it! after a few days of trying to concoct a story they decided to announce that he was just giving it to someone

rimone said...

oh yeah...i remember that. bah...what a fucking moron.