Friday, July 14, 2006

John Does 1 through 10

* tpmm:
"In July of 2003, Abramoff and Reed considered launching something called the Black Churches Insurance Program.

We know how this scheme would have gone, because Abramoff pitched something similar to a cash-strapped Texas tribe, the Tigua. Basically, since the tribe couldn't pay Abramoff, he offered to arrange "a life-insurance policy for every Tigua 75 or older." When those elders died, the death bene?ts would have gone to Abramoff through one of his non-profits."

* plame and wilson file lawsuit against cheney, libby and rove and John Does 1 through 10. (talk left, christy, raw, document at tpm). The interesting comment is from raw:
"Plame is reportedly accusing the men of conspiring against her, targeting her career and reputation."

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