Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jon Kyl. Dirty Dozen

The following is the Jon Kyl excerpt from my interview with Sibel Edmonds on whistleblowers and the Dirty Dozen. This is Sibel speaking:

Senator Jon Kyl
Senate Judiciary Committee

Speaking of the Senate Judiciary Committee, apart from Hatch and Specter, there is also John Kyl on that committee. He's also on our Dirty Dozen list. Kyl has been anti-whistleblowers, and he also has not taken up any whistleblowers issues in terms of hearings, or investigations or legislation. The same story. The Judiciary Committee is the most important committee when it comes to whistleblowers - you see, you have specific whistleblowers areas - like if you're DoD you go to Armed Services Committee, if you’re CIA you go to Intelligence Committee, but the Judiciary Committee has a broader oversight area which covers all of those because it also deals with the court. Considering the fact that all these whistleblowers also have to deal with classification, states secret privilege, National Security being invoked, being prevented to file in certain courts etc - so there are two committees that are most relevant to whistleblowers issues period, regardless of the agency that the whistleblowers is from. The number one committee is the Judiciary Committee, the other one, as the name suggests is Government Reform - the House Government Reform Committee and in the Senate the Government Reform Committee and the Homeland Security Committee are under one name - which is called the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee - which is the same as the Government Reform Committee. So with the Judiciary Committee, every single one of those members are in the position and they have the responsibility - more so than any other committee in terms of Whistleblowers issues. And Kyl has absolutely done nothing! He is completely irresponsive in all the whistleblowers cases to date, and requests for hearings, and legislation.


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