Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lieberman, Anthrax and Big Pharma

* conason:
"Now Mr. Lieberman has long been known to cultivate the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, which provide jobs in his home state and contributions to his campaign fund. But he has literally been sleeping with one of their Washington representatives ever since his wife Hadassah joined Hill & Knowlton last year. The legendary lobbying and P.R. firm hired her as a “senior counselor” in its “health and pharmaceuticals practice.”
No doubt Mr. Lieberman would do the bidding of the pharmaceutical lobby whether his wife was on their payroll or not, but this kind of coincidence is best avoided by a man who lectures the world about morality and ethics."
* this from the interview with Sibel:
"I also have a whistleblower from DoD and this is the guy who blew the whistle big-time 4 or 5 years ago on the anthrax case (Lieberman/Anthrax story here) - when they were forcing them to take anthrax vaccine - and he brought together a large group of the DoD people who refused to take the vaccine - and they were retaliated against big time. This whistleblower is from Connecticut - from Lieberman’s state - and for the past 5 years, they have tried unsuccessfully to get his office to do anything. This despite a) they're his constituents in Connecticut, and b) it's whistleblowing and security related too - and Lieberman again has been very irresponsive."

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