Friday, July 14, 2006

low approval ratings can be transmitted via saliva

* david corn :
"Let's recap: Hoekstra was mad at Bush for keeping him out of the loop, and he warned the president about expanding the bloated intelligence capability. But he thinks the CIA is laced with politically-minded plotters who hold unfounded beliefs (such as there were no operational links between Saddam and Osama bin Laden) and who are working to thwart the national security policies of the nation. In Washington's version of Spy Verus Spy, it can be difficult to know which--if any--side to cheer."
* yglesias:
"If you've been paying attention, a lot of people have been agitating for the United States to commence more active efforts to overthrow the Syrian and Iranian governments for some time now. Then some stuff happened and -- miraculously and without real evidence -- that stuff's occurence is suddenly the reason we need to implement the very same policy that was being pushed for previously. I'd like to see some proof."

* vid via atrios - Colbert does Lieberman. Colbert describing 'the kiss' "apparently low approval ratings can be transmitted via saliva.

* booman:
"Personally, Joe lost me when he told rape victims to go for joyrides in their cars looking for hospitals that would be willing to tolerate their desire to make sure they didn't become mothers to their rapist's child. I want all Joe's supporters to consider that position very carefully. I have a mother, and I have several women in my life that I care about. I couldn't look any of them in the eye and support Joe Lieberman."

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