Saturday, July 29, 2006

North Korea is bad too

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* shorter USG:
"North Korea is bad too"
* froomkin:
"Later, asked if he saw a danger in the United States and Israel getting isolated in terms of world opinion, Snow said the greater danger was in the U.S. looking ineffective and losing credibility."

* peggynoonan:
"People... feel safer with a sense that their leaders have aims that are intellectually coherent. It would be good for the president to demonstrate that his leadership is not just a situational hodgepodge, seemingly driven and yet essentially an inbox presidency, with a quirky tilt to the box.."

* siegel:
" The Republican right wing pushed its party to an extremist fundamentalism. That, in turn, created its mirror image in the fevers of the left-liberal blogosphere, which is now trying to push the Democrats to an extremist fundamentalism."

* fp:
"In recent days, Georgia and Russia have accused each other of trying to start a war in the southern Caucusus. The presence of Russian peacekeeping troops in northern Georgia doesn't seem to be helping; Georgia now claims that Russia aims to annex Georgian territory.

All this could spell a border fight between giant Russia and tiny Georgia, undermining the struggling Tbilisi government and adding to the long list of territorial disputes around the world."
* Arkin:
"Most important for Israel’s future security, Israel’s internally logical and successful military operation provokes hatred, while a majority of the Lebanese population and the public in the Arab world seems not only unconcerned with Hezbollah’s intentional attacks on Israeli civilians but applaud the "success.""

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