Wednesday, July 05, 2006

place impeachment on the ballot.

"While a lot of towns and cities have passed or tried to pass pro-impeachment resolutions, only one so far has put the question of impeachment on the ballot for voters to address in November - Berkeley CA. It may not be too late to ask your town or city to place impeachment on the ballot. Some local governments may be more willing to do that than they are to pass a resolution themselves. Some media outlets may also find it more interesting. And it's good for our democracy: it's bound to boost turnout at the polls. Here's information on how you can do it"
* ADS:
"Please take the time to Thank or, if necessary, Spank your Representative for their June 20 vote on the Schiff-Inslee amendment (to the Defense Appropriations bill) to force NSA compliance withFISA (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act).

With your help, we nearly denied funds to the NSA for any domestic surveillance that is not in compliance with FISA. The vote total was 207 in favor, 219 opposed. Twenty Republican members of the House joined with 187 Democrats to affirm that America is a country of laws, and neither the President nor any agency is above those laws.

Those Republican and Democrats who voted for the amendment deserve to be thanked. Please be sure to let them know you appreciate their effort. Sadly, 13 Democrats betrayed our trust and voted against this amendment. They clearly need a "Spanking." Three didn't vote at all. This will not be the last battle over domestic surveillance, so your action now can build momentum for broader support in the future. 207 is only 11 votes away from the magical 218 votes necessary for a discharge petition."

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Anonymous said...

The options still left for Congress to stop the expansion of executive power grabs is narrowing...

Kagro X lays out a good arguement why impeachment may the last real shot to uphold our Constitution and why the "power of the purse" tactic will not work.

Very sobering...we live in interesting times, indeed.

- Jiminy Cricket

lukery said...

thnx Jiminy, I wonder if he could use a signing statement on the articles of impeachment???

rimone said...

i wouldn't fucking put it past him. then what? somehow i don't see people mobbing the whitehouse (although if there was a serious effort, i'd so be on the next fucking plane to DC, prepared to join them).

i've been waiting for the people's outrage since december 2000; was prepared to get down to DC ASAP. and was still in the states up to a week after 9/11 and read everything, looking for one goddamned journo to mention something to the effect of 'hey! this happened on /their/ watch...'

lukery said...

ummm - people are outraged that 3 people have burnt flags - does that count?

rimone said...

in the words of Bill Hicks: 'Go back to bed, America!'


Kathleen said...

On 9/12 Senator Chris Dodd did question the lack of intel on this and was roundly criticized for it, as though he were being a traitor to question Bush after we were attacked.

I wrote a letter to the editor saying I think it was his duty to question the lack of intel on this. Afterall, we spend $30 billion a year on Intel, so where the hell was it? It simply was not credible that they had no clue before hand and everything that unfolded after that just confirmed that they knew, or worse.

Every time I see Chris Dodd, I thank him for that or when I talk to his staff, I mention it.