Monday, July 03, 2006

rod barton

watch simon and emtywheel discuss ISG stuff in the comments here

one thing i meant to get to in the interview with sibel today was how she dealt with aus/uk whistleblowers. i didnt.

i've been looking into rod barton and others again recently but my inbox is getting higher and higher. in case i dont get around to looking at the issues closely - see here, here, here


Simon said...

watch simon and emptywheel discuss ISG stuff in the comments here

Luke - I see you're going to keep me busy! Have other stuff to do for a while but I will get back to this. (You're just made up cos EW has blessed your site with a highly valued visit!!!)

Miguel said...

Who is there to cheer for in the semifinals of the World Cup? France and Germany opposed Bush's illegal war in Iraq: should we cheer for them? Portugal is the poorest of the 4 countries: what about them? Or how about Italy: should we reward them for finally getting rid of that slime Berlusconi?

I'm so confused...

lukery said...

shit - i've been meaning to do some futbol posts. sorry about that.

i'ts pretty exciting. i cant help thinking that oz would have beaten the Ukraine if not for a silly decision in the italy game - and it makes me feel grrrrr.

i think i told you at the start of the tournament that i wanted le bleu to do well - so i'm sticking with that.
(mostly b/c i'm an arsenal fan (plus zizu zidane))

lukery said...

simon - yep - am always happy to see EW wander over (sometimes i drag her over)