Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rumsfeld: more than a dozen provinces are doing well

* clemons:
" Brzezinski stated: "I hate to say this but I will say it. I think what the Israelis are doing today for example in Lebanon is in effect, in effect -- maybe not in intent -- the killing of hostages. The killing of hostages."


It's becoming increasingly difficult to separate the Israeli-Palestinian, problem, the Iraq problem and Iran from each other.


Because while the Iranian nuclear problem is serious, and while the Iranians are marginally involved in Lebanon and to a greater extent in Syria, the fact of the matter is that the challenge they pose to us, while serious, is not imminent. And because it isn't imminent, it gives us time to deal with it. And sometimes in international politics, the better part of wisdom is to defer dangers rather than try to eliminate them altogether instantly, because the later produces intense counter-reactions that are destructive. We have time to deal with Iran, provided the process is launched, dealing with the nuclear energy problem, which can then be extended to involve also security talks about the region.

In the final analysis, Iran is a serious country, it's not Iraq. It's going to be there. It's going to be a player. And in the longer historical term, it has all of the preconditions for a constructive internal evolution if you measure it by rates of literacy, access to higher education, the role of women in society, a sense of tradition and status which is real."

* wapo:
"Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld later told reporters he would not discuss how many troops will move to Baghdad. "There are more Iraqi troops that will be going to Baghdad than U.S., but both will be going in in fairly good numbers, more than hundreds," he said. Rumsfeld said that there is "a good deal of violence" in Baghdad and two or three other provinces but that more than a dozen provinces are doing well."
* ironictimes:
"Milestone: Coalition Forces Turn First Province Over to Iraqi Army
Ceremony attended by entire population of province and both of his camels."

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