Friday, July 28, 2006

Rumsfeld, Torture, and the Rapture

* you might remember that back on july 14:
"Congress has demanded that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld hand over a raft of documents to Congress that could substantiate allegations that U.S. forces have tried to break terror suspects by kidnapping and mistreating their family members. Rumsfeld has until 5 p.m. Friday to comply."
two fridays later? crickets.

This from my interview with Sibel:
"The military in Iraq were bringing the children of the detainees - 3 years old, 5 years old - and they would beat up and torture the children in front of the detainees - and they'd threaten the detainees that they would keep torturing the children until they talked! So Sergeant Provance reported this stuff and he was disciplined and put on administrative leave."
THEY WERE FUCKING TORTURING 3 YEAR OLDS! and the stupid somnolent american media can't even follow up a simple story.

Here's Justin at TPMM:
This congressional subpoena for Donald Rumsfeld struck me as uncommon. I made some calls, and what do you know -- it is uncommon.

I've spoken with two Capitol Hill authorities (who wouldn't be named), and neither could remember more than one or two congressional subpoenas issued to the Bush administration.
What on earth does it take? apparently neither torturing children, nor an 'uncommon' subpoena for the SecDef, nor the combination of the two. perhaps if we can find a Rapture twist we'll get a 30 min CNN special.


Anonymous said...

Gotta say...that's a scary picture. Excuse me now while I go check my closets and hide under the bed.

lukery said...

he is truly evil

dont forget to lock your doors!

rimone said...

hey lukery, i thought torturing 3 year olds was cool cause according to cheney, there's that 1% chance their parents are terrorists or whatever.

fuckers...i can't properly express the disgust i have, both for the press and for these fucking criminals.

lukery said...

i remember a time, not long ago, when the thought of weirdo foreign dictatorships torturing weirdo anonymous foreign adults made me sick.

Don said...
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Don said...

Re: Rummy, if the picture Risen paints of him in State of War is at all accurate, we shouldn't hold our breath waiting for him to cave. The man works for the Preznit, is answerable only to him (or Cheney, or vice versa), and fuck everyone else.

If it ever comes down to an indictment and arrest for Rumster, I suspect when he's taken, he'll be crying like a baby, wearing a straighjacket, or riding an ME's gurney.

lukery said...

i bet they won't be tears of remorse. fukker.