Saturday, July 08, 2006

Shut-up you! I'm Righteous!

* AP via Calipendence:
"No one has been indicted in the Cunningham case. However, a grand jury is meeting regularly and now is focusing on Wilkes, according to two attorneys close to the investigation."
this story appears to be why AP ran that other 'breaking news' story earlier (which certainly didnt have any news). This could be massive - because it was widely presumed that wilkes was TBTF (too big to fail)

* tpm:
"Well, turns out the Holland Tunnel wasn't the target after all, according to the NYT. But what does that matter?
Think it's time to compare the number of announced terrorism cases in pre-election 2004, post-election 2005, and, now, pre-election 2006?"
sometimes, too much absurd is barely enough.

* the Courant joins in the Lamont neophyte meme:
"Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman relentlessly attacked Ned Lamont during a televised debate Thursday, painting his challenger as a rich neophyte with a single issue - the war in Iraq."
transcript here. no 'neophyte'

* rawstory: tucker carlson likes people 'telling off-color jokes.' He's also further right than anyone he knows, according to him.

can you imagine the pissing match with his friends, family and colleagues:
"No! I'm righter than you!"
"No I am!"
"No, I'm the Rightest!"
"No you're not! you're only rightist!"
"Shut-up you! I'm Righteous!"


Teemu said...

Wapo today:

Signs of Detainees' Planning Alleged
Messages Found On Legal Papers

Three suicides at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, may have been part of a broader plot by detainees who were using confidential lawyer-client papers and envelopes to pass handwritten notes their guards could not intercept, according to documents that government lawyers filed yesterday in federal court.


"...detainees had developed practices for misusing the existence of a privileged attorney-client communication system," the government lawyers wrote

Coming soon: Attorney-client privilege is for terrorist-lovers.

lukery said...

teemu. sweet work, and delicious snark!

front paged!

Kathleen said...

Well, after years of No Attorney-Client Relationship at all, while being detained, I'd say they had some serious catching up to do.

No misuse allowed at Gitmo, don't you know.