Wednesday, July 19, 2006

stem-cell veto

* tpmm:
"Justice Department lawyers and FBI agents have recently interviewed Ed Rollins, (Katherine) Harris' former Senate campaign manager, about her dealings with admitted briber Mitchell Wade and his company, MZM, the Orlando Sentinel confirms today... The news of Rollins' tete-a-tete with the feds is the strongest indication to date that Harris is likely facing a very unpleasant federal probe."
* in the comments here, Don has the details of why the americans wouldnt get escape vehicles to lebanon, and what ships are now on the way, etc. the question appears to be whether the US are inviting hezbollah to hit the ships, and whether that would be a wise move by hezbollah

* with all the talk of Blinky veto-ing the stem-cell bill, i was wondering how many times he's said the same thing. TalkLeft has the answer:
"George "The Decider" Bush must now decide whether to use the first veto of his presidency (after 141 threats) to dash the hopes of the disabled and diseased that stem cell research might pave the way to their recoveries. As expected, the Senate voted in favor of expanded stem cell research. Also as expected, the margin -- 63-37 -- was short of the two-thirds majority it would take to override the president's promised veto."

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