Friday, July 21, 2006

those were the days.

* rudepundit:
"So we've finally come full circle in the presidency of George W. Bush, back to those heady pre-9/11 days, and just five murderous years later. Remember that summer beforeeverythingchanged? God, it was fun. When his job approval ratings hovered ominously near 50 percent and trending downward. When Comedy Central could have an entire show dedicated to mocking him (and it wasn't The Daily Show). When the issue of the day that Bush was considering with all the thinkin' his head could manage was stem cell research.
Merkel's reaction, though, is not just one of pain, not just one of "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" It's a look of frustration, of supreme irritation, of having picked up after a child time and time again but the little fucker just thinks it's funny to keep dumping shit on the floor. It's almost like she wants to say, "Focus, you dumb fuckin' shitkicker wannabe. There's goddamn wars going on and you're wanderin' around, acting like we're a toilet paper corporation deciding if we wanna put flowers or butterflies on our new brand." And then Bush walks off with his zombie stagger, blank stare drawing him to the next embarassment. Shit, Bush got off easy. If Ronald Reagan had tried to massage Margaret Thatcher, he'd've pulled back nubs.

So, if there was any doubt left, for anyone, all the shine and polish and spin in the world ain't gonna cover-up the fact that we are back to where we were, that pre-9/11 mindset that made us think, "God, just don't let him blow up the whole fuckin' world before he's outta there.""
those were the days.


Don said...

Speaking of days gone by, a few days ago Arianna was asking (re: Feith, Perle, "Where Have All the Architects of War Gone?" Money quote:

These men were the architects of the administration's imperialist policies in the Middle East. It's time to hold them accountable for the fatally flawed blueprint and the woefully shoddy workmanship.

Gary Hart gave 'em a shout-out, too. Money quote:

Democracy does not work without accountability. Today there is no accountability in American democracy.

lukery said...

i wish ariana was correct in her thesis that they've all disappeared.

it appears to me they are probably currently watching their teevees with hardons and champagne.

Kathleen said...

I can't picture Neocons with champagne. It's too French. Don't they need something like Coors to go with their Freedom Fries?

Aren't they all in the Office of Special Plans, making special plans?

lukery said...

ewww - i dont want to picture them with hardons.