Wednesday, July 26, 2006

three new whistleblowers

from sibel:

NSWBC welcomes its three new whistleblower members: Suzanne Grace Schott (TSA-DHS), Retired Lt. Commander Thomas G. Reinbold (NSA) and Michael J. O'Neill (TSA-DHS). See bios below (Also posted on our website).

Schott, Suzanne Grace Former TSA Screening Supervisor.

Suzanne Grace Schott worked as a flight attendant supervisor for World Airways Inc. In her position at World she ensured FAA compliancy and air cabin safety. In 2002, she joined the Transportation Security Agency as screening supervisor. While working for the TSA she reported civil rights violations and management abuses. She was subsequently terminated from her position and filed cases with both the OSC and the EEOC. She fought against the MSPB ruling that TSA employees were not granted appeal rights in their whistleblowing cases. She is currently an honors student at Regent University in Virginia Beach Virginia.

O'Neill, Michael J., Retired, USAF, Technical Sergeant, Command and Control Supervisor; former Screening (Operations) Manager, TSA-DHS

Michael J. O'Neill successfully completed his 20-year Air Force career in March 2001 with an honorable discharge. For most of his 20-year career, Michael supervised command post operations, managed training programs, and maintained accountability for DoD Top Secret Communications Security (COMSEC) documents and NSA-approved encryption equipment. He served as the communications specialist at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Center, J-3C, Cheyenne Mountain Air Station. Later, Mr. O'Neill instructed at the 21st Crew Training Squadron, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, for three years, teaching the JCS’ Alerting System, emergency communications, and other NORAD-approved lessons. In November 2001, he began working as contract security screener; the following year, he successfully transitioned to the Transportation Security Administration, at Mid-Continent Airport. By December 2002, Michael was promoted to screening manager. He earned a B.S. in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is working towards a Master's degree in Homeland Security, with specialization in transportation.

Reinbold, Thomas G., retired Lt. Commander, Naval Security Group-Office of Naval Intelligence; Retired Senior Cryptologic Engineer, NSA
LCDR Reinbold worked operational intelligence and OPELINT issues for NSA, the Naval Security Group and ONI. He was the National Operations Department Head for an Intelligence Collection program, and an NSA field engineer at contractors and field sites. He was a Contracting Officer's Representative-Technical (COR-T). At Sugar Grove, WV field site, he was NSA's on-site senior COR-T on the Maintenance & Engineering Contract, and counterintelligence POC. During his work with NSA at Sugar Grove Mr. Reinbold discovered & reported on conspiratorial contract-tampering. As a result he was retaliated against; the Navy altered his award-fee reports, deleted his accomplishments and cheated the contractor. His TS-SCI security clearance was suspended; he was escorted off base by armed guards. Reinbold is a member of NSWBC and holds a BS in Engineering Technology.

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