Monday, July 10, 2006

to burn Coulter at the stake of plagiarism

* rude pundit:
"But, really, and, c'mon, when the time comes to burn Coulter at the stake of plagiarism, the Rude Pundit and Ron Brynaert of Raw Story (Brynaert especially so since he did far, far more legwork than the Rude Pundit on this story) deserve to hold the torch along with Barrie, let alone get some mention in the New York Post. (And especially since the plagiarism work of the Rude Pundit and Brynaert was mentioned at MSNBC, Slate, Huffington Post, and other mucho larger media outlets - in other words, just a Google away.)"
kudos to both ron and rudepundit. they've both been falling over each other to give each other credit (and both railing against those who refuse to give them credit)

* wolcott calls digby "Digby the indispensable." sleep well digby.

* laura:
"I will say this, it is staggering to see what a press that doesn't pull punches coupled with an independent Milan prosecutor have managed to unearth in Italy -- a full fledged politicized domestic intelligence operation complete with a Roman batcave apartment of archived illegally tapped phone calls and disinformation dossiers, paid spies, and spying on journalists directed against Sismi's and Berlusconi's perceived domestic political enemies. And there too they had a do-nothing parliamentary oversight committee and timid and intimidated politicians, endless invocations of "state secrecy" and national security, and a public that seemed capable of being manipulated, terrorized, and spun into apathy and resignation. But it's all coming unraveled, finally."
* eriposte:
"Participation in patently illegal activities, "enemies" lists, illegal spying, paying "reporters" to act as Government propaganda organs, lying about most of these activities. Sound like the Bush administration? Actually, this is from Italy - and is the legacy of Bush's buddy Silvio Berlusconi, who has also separately been charged in an unrelated matter - over allegations of "false accounting, embezzlement and tax fraud". (Clearly, they share many of their "moral values" - if there was ever an index for high crimes and misdemeanors per unit time, Bush and Berlusconi would be in strong competition for the #1 spot.)

In the past week some extraordinary revelations have rocked Italy"

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