Monday, July 17, 2006

today's dirty word: disproportionate

* soros via fdl:
"But the war on terror was counterproductive. It embroiled the United States in an adventure that cannot succeed and from which it will be difficult to withdraw. In my judgment, it was in its response to 9/11 that the United States left reality behind and got lost in far-from-equilbrium territory. The terrorist attack was real indeed, and it required a strong response; but the response chosen by the Bush administration carried the notion into a fantasy land created by a misrepresentation of reality. What is worse, people still do not recognize the phantasmagoric element in the war on terror. I shall have a hard time getting my point across because the war on terror has been unquestioningly accepted by the public; indeed, it is seen as the natural response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 even by those who are opposed to the Bush administration’s policies."
* aravosis:
"A few weeks ago, Israeli had its fighters buzz the Syrian presidential palace. That was rather gutsy, and in-your-face. There's speculation in some circles that Israel may bomb Damascus or Tehran in the coming weeks, and I have to say, I'm not sure I'd have a problem with that.
Controversial, yes. But while I'm not 100% committed to this strategy, particularly because of the possibilities of any attack on Damascus or Tehran possibly spinning things out of control, it surely makes a lot more sense than the approach we took to dealing with Iraq. Perhaps a shot across the bow, or down their throat, could help "contain" Iran and Syria. It's not clear how letting them get away with murder, quite literally, is helping anything."
everyone has caught the stoopids.

* via eli:
"Feingold posted a statement on his Web site Friday saying, "I stand firmly with the people of Israel and their government as they defend themselves against these outrageous attacks.""
* eli :
"Without any question the pundits and politicians will soon be braying (if they aren't already) about this technology must have been provided to Hizballah by Iran. Curiously, you will never, and I mean never, read in the American corporate press about the American origin of the planes, helicopters, and missiles being flown and fired by Israel."

* wapo:
"More than 70 members of Congress have urged President Bush to issue an executive order guaranteeing the right of military chaplains to pray "in the name of Jesus" at mandatory ceremonies attended by service members of all faiths."

* tpmm:
"Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) -- who, when pollsters last checked, was trailing her Democratic challenger for Senate by 33 points -- has withdrawn $100,000 from her campaign war chest for a personal expense. (Remember, she pledged to put her entire life's worth into that war chest, in order to win the race. Of course, to date she's only put in $3.5 million.)

Why would she remove funds she desperately needs to fund a campaign that's showing every recognized sign of tanking (as well as some new ones we've never seen before)?

To remodel her Washington, D.C. home."

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