Tuesday, July 04, 2006

watch rudy run

* jeralyn: "Bernie Kerik's Name Removed From Jail Building"
watch rudy run. run, rudy, run.

* Pincus: "Munitions Found in Iraq Renew Debate: Panel Is Divided Over Whether Troops Uncovered Weapons of Mass Destruction"

* swopa on Waas:
"But what if we ask the question -- which I often do around here -- of why this story is coming out at this particular time? I mean, isn't it unusual that just as Plamemania seemed to be calming down, someone chose to leak so many details of the Shrubster's testimony (which you know has to be closely guarded information)?

The last time Waas got some inside information about what Dubya told Fitzgerald's team, it was in October 2005, when it seemed very likely that Karl Rove would be indicted before the end of the month ... and the gist of the leak was that the Shrub-in-Chief had no idea what Rove was up to.

So, um, why are we hearing now that he didn't know what Cheney was up to?"
* via kathleen, Madsen is running a campaign hilighting the incestuous relationships between the media and the GOP. dan senor's sister is Head of AIPAC office in Jerusalem. (i'll never forgive google for hiring Senor) and pletka's husband is Stephen Rademaker - Then-Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control John Bolton's deputy.
(ftr - I'm not sure what would be worse, being married to pletka, or working for bolton)

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