Saturday, July 01, 2006

we found WMD!

* via laura:
"Republican Rep. Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania suggested the munitions were in fact the weapons of mass destruction that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein lied about, leading the United States to war.

"For those who claim that these weapons are not the weapons of mass destruction that the United States went to war over, I would refer them to 17 United Nations Security Council resolutions that Saddam Hussein violated," Weldon said. "It didn't say pre-'91 chemical weapons. It didn't say post-'91 chemical weapons. It said chemical weapons.""
* meanwhile, laura:
"The Russian government anyhow seems to be taking Hoekstra/Santorum/Weldon's Iraq WMD concerns seriously. The Bush administration, not so much. What's wrong with this picture?"
* meanwhile, jane harman:
"The real news here is that this report was essentially declassified on demand. Selective declassification for partisan purposes undermines the integrity, and the safety, of the men and women in the intelligence community.

The intelligence community is supposed to speak truth to power. It’s not the IC’s job to provide political cover for the Republican Party. Those pushing this story are trying to manipulate the facts to get an outcome they want, and we know from recent experience what happens when the intelligence gathering process is politicized."


Simon said...

From Laura:

"The Russian government anyhow seems to be taking Hoekstra/Santorum/Weldon's Iraq WMD concerns seriously.

So Weldon is stating that if the weapons aren't in Iraq then the Russians must have helped in spiriting them away? You bet they're paying attention!

lukery said...

did weldon really blame the russians?

Simon said...

Delco Times (06/08/06)

"I think the jury is still out on WMD," said Weldon, who also believes Saddam Hussein may have smuggled the weapons to Syria with Russian assistance prior to the March 2003 invasion.

Simon said...

Snippets from an exclusive Above Top Secret interview with DG:

DG - On 14 and 15 June 2006 when I met with the CIA and DIA Agents I asked them specifically what intelligence they had been provided from Congressman Weldon. They only had a few pages related to the WMD sites only. They did not have the Russian and Syrian intelligence and they did not have the information the private corporation had obtained. I provided them my complete 15 plus page report and additional intelligence Congressman Weldon had not shared. Also as I discussed earlier they did not have my intelligence reports from 2003.

DG - The Russians had been involved in Iraq pertaining to assisting the Iraqis move/hide/remove WMD from different locations (per several Iraqi sources).

Ahhh. I love the smell of WMD in the morning.

lukery said...



weldon of course is a big fan of the russians, and of diplomacy with the russians, and so on.

he is also a fukkin russian-speakin nutcase.

Don said...


Hey, Curt! Where's the tubes, Curt? Where's the Uranium, Curt? Anything newer than, say, '98? '91? Any hard evidence of an ongoing WMD program?

Hey, Curt, got a fucking clue yet?

lukery said...

simon - that interview is very weird.

what do you make of the story? you think it's a setup?