Friday, July 07, 2006

what war is good for.

* we get mail:
"Great, Thats so mature. Cut and paste someone elese's stuff. Nice. I love all the stupid little nicknames, and classifications. Listen Up you, I'll tell you what war is good for. It gave you the freedom to post these pathetic little comments on your blog without fear of retribution! By the way, what gives you the right to complain? It's not your country!"
* coulter's plagiarism got a spot on olbermann. yay. i've mentioned before that i dont really understand why people plagiarise - but here's the thing - didnt coulter already know that Ron and the rudeone had already called her out for this stuff before?
Meanwhile, Ron has a round-up of other coulter posts - and promises to spit out all the other stuff that he has already found before he moves on.
(yay ron)

* shorterlieberman: lamont is a flip-flopper

* lieberman's campaign ad actually includes a "No More Joe" car sticker. wtf?


oldschool said...

Once again, my congratulations on your acquisition of trolls. A status symbol, to be sure.

lukery said...

ma will be so proud

rimone said...

i'm getting the feeling that since your popularity's rising, you might just be target of a more concerted effort which just might be stepping up. we'll see an' all.


yeah, what gives you the right to complain? as if writing about injustice and the preznit should only be done by Americans.

lol, what a fucking moron.

rimone said...

oy, his site's called 'chronic stupid.' and from what i've seen, /it is/. (as well as grammatically challenged &c)

c'mon--even before i went there, i was thinking 'lukery, you deserve a more highly intelligent sort of troll.'

rimone said...

lol, just read his comment again and am LMAO at

Cut and paste someone elese's stuff...Listen Up you

oh my... hahahahahahaha :-)

lukery said...

lol - i was like 'where do i start?'

and i couldn't find a starting point that also had a stopping point. i'll leave that to historians.

btw - will re-post another wingnut flashaback to the fp

lukery said...

btw rimone, did i notice some mirth in that laughter?

Haggie said...

hmmmm HIghly intelligent Blog So glad i stopped by. *not* XP I supposed it never crossed your mind to engage in coversation with people who have different opinions? Did you happen to know that Chronic Stupid's Father is a decorated Soldier? Or that his Brother recently returned from a tour in Iraq, and is planning to return next year? I suppose not, that would require coming up with your own thoughts, no copying and pasting available *lol*

Thanks for the laugh though. Made me smile :)

lukery said...

thnx haggie - nice of you to drop by.

we're happy to talk to people - we even like being told to Listen Up