Friday, August 11, 2006

2006 Election is about Iraq

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The Verdict is in: 2006 Election is about Iraq

We've got the message and the candidates

Sen. Joe Lieberman's defeat in Tuesday's Connecticut primary shows that where you stand on the Iraq quagmire is becoming the defining issue of this fall's election. Lieberman's incumbency and his huge campaign war chest couldn't make up for his blind support of the war and the administration behind it. Now Connecticut has a Democratic nominee who thinks the war should end, and he is headed for victory in November.

Now Lieberman says he'll run as an independent - So DONATE to keep Ned Lamont and other "Out of Iraq" candidates on a roll.

We've got the winning message. So who else is talking about it?

Joe Sestak is, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. A retired three-star admiral who led the Navy's anti-terrorism unit and spent a year and a half fighting in Afghanistan, Sestak knows what he's talking about when he calls the administration's Iraq War a "tragic misadventure."

"One of the primary reasons I entered this election is that I believe invading Iraq was not the right decision," Sestak says.

His other reasons are just as good. Joe says we ought to repeal the millionaire tax cuts which are bankrupting our national budget, and spend the money on healthcare and education (helping working families afford quality preschools, for instance.) He wants to reduce the ridiculous number of nuclear missiles the U.S. continues to maintain to deter the nonexistent Soviet Union and shift that money to essential human-needs programs.

Joe Sestak is running neck-and-neck with the Republican incumbent in fundraising – DONATE to give him the help he needs to get this message heard.

Incumbent Curt Weldon (who still says there are WMD's in Iraq, even after the president himself has given up looking) is vulnerable this year. All the political pros say Joe Sestak is the strongest challenger he's faced in a decade. Let's get behind a veteran who wants to end the quagmire.

Darcy Scott Martin
TrueMajorityACTION PAC Coordinator


Daddy Democrat said...

I have a series of toons about Sestak's opponent, Curt Weldon, on Daddy Democrat. Thought you might like.

Thanks for supporting Joe. He's a great candidate.

asdgsfd said...

Joe Sestak is a great candidate. The PA-7 is interesting, though--it has about a 2 to 1 Republican registration advantage, but Democrats win for President and PA Governor in the PA-7 by big margins. Essentially, local Republicans stay in power in an essentially Democratic district by dropping the top of the ticket. The question has always been how long it would take Democrats to start winning on the local level like they do in bigger races.

This year, with Bush's unpopularity and the war in Iraq, looks like the year for Dems to push down to the local level in the PA-7. Between Joe and other local candidates like Iraq war veteran State House candidate Bryan Lentz, Dems have a great chance of winning on the local level in the PA-7 this year.

lukery said...


would love to see weldon collapse in his own stench. and joe does look like a great candidate.